I’m  Martin_

INDIE iOS developer

i create apps for iphone ios developer

Few things about me. I was born and grew up in Lithuania, studied web and iOS development. I love to create iPhone and iPad apps. The Xcode IDE and Swift programming language are tools i use every day. My goals are to make beautiful apps with best user experience and useful content.


Last app i worked on..

Love Fit

It’s two people compatibility app. Check how many percent you are compatible with your partner.


Compatibility by name. Compatibility by birthdate. Compatibility by horoscope. Compatibility by blood group.



Featured iOS app

Rider Hill

ios app sport gear size guide

Bicycle size, roller-skate size, skateboard size, kick scooter size, surfboard size, sled, skis size, snowboard size, and much more information about it in the app.



What i did in the past..

Worked in company

I worked with a big news app at the end of 2020. I used uikit, storyboards, mvc, git, cocoapods libraries, worked with rest API.

i create apps for iphone ios developer


 I spent my all free time learning programming in swift and creating beautiful demo apps.

Made my own apps

I made my own apps, which now are available in App Store.