Love Fit

couple matching

It’s two people compatibility app. Check how many percent you are compatible with your partner. This app is translated into 8 languages – Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Italian, Polish and Swedish.​

• Compatibility by name. Just enter yours and your partner names and get how many percent you match, how many percent match your safety, trust and communication.

• Compatibility by birthdate. Pick yours and your partner birthdates and get how many percent you match.

• Compatibility by horoscope. Pick yours and your partner horoscope and get how many percent you match, how many percent match your sex, trust, communication, emotions, values, hobbies.

• Compatibility by blood group. There are many things to keep in mind when choosing your life partner. One such thing is the blood group. 

Rider Hill

sport stuff size

It’s sporting goods size calculator. Check what size bicycle fits best for you, or what size snowboard you need, or read about skateboard and scooter. At the end of the day it is your choice what works best for you. But our recommendations and guides can be first step to perfect rider setup.

 • BICYCLE SIZE. What a summer without a bike. It’s our best transport after a car. So we must have a comfortable and properly size bicycle. By human height we can get a bicycle frame size, which is main measurement. Children has their own method, their bike size is determined by their age, which you can also check with Rider Hill.

• ROLLER SKATE SIZE. It is a lot categories and types of these nowdays. So you can check it and decide what roller skate and skating style are best for you

• SKATEBOARD SIZE. Finding the correct deck width and length sometimes can be confusing. Rider Hill calculator will show what skateboard you should get and will give you a lot of info about different tipes, skateboard parts and skateboarding styles.

• SURFBOARD SIZE. Ocean fun! After getting know about different surfboard sizes ant types you will feel like fish in the water.

• SLED. I bet you don’t know much about sled. Here you will meet all kinds of different sled types.

• KICK SCOOTER SIZE. You can ride a scooter of any size, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy, comfortable or fun. For your everyday needs, a scooter that is the right size for your body is going to provide you with the most relaxed and enjoyable experience.

• SKIS SIZE. High mountains, fluffy snow, fresh air and properly skis on your foots. This size guideline will show you recommendations for best experience. The correct length of skis will vary from skier to skier based on many factors, including but not limited to height and weight.

• SNOWBOARD SIZE. Finding the right snowboard can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Your weight and boot size are the two critical components for finding the right size snowboard. Having a board that cooperates with your body weight will allow you to ride your best and not have to worry about losing control. Remember just like snowboarding, your board size is a personal preference

Demo Apps

mobile weather app

Weather App

First i made one weather app with tutorial help. This app i created by myself. I made new design, all images and icons. Functionality is changed too. I came up with idea to make a view which goes up when you press an arrow. An app has some cool animations. You can get a weather from your current location.

Advent Calendar

The Christmas was coming. I remembered those advent calendars from my childhood, when you open that day window and you find that sweet chocolate. With this app i tried to replicate that physical calendar, but instead of chocolate, you get reminder how much days left till Christmas and some nice quote.

ios app advent calendar
ios news app

News App

It’s an app which has a lot of technical details. First you see a list of source. When you press on source you are going to that source article list. You can save favorite articles. When you come back to the app all favourite articles are marked with yellow star. When you press on article, then that article pops on the screen.

ios app masterchef

MasterChef Winner

Because i liked Gordon Ramsay and an American competitive cooking reality TV show MasterChef, i came up with idea to make an app to remember all winners. It was so much fun while making this. So here are all chefs and them winning year. When you press on someone you can see his/her photo and short description.

BMI Calculator

It’s simple and nice looking app to measure your body mass index. Just enter your height, weight and you will get result, which you can save it and check it another time.

ios app bmi calculator

Quiz App

It’s a quiz app about Lithuania. There are two parts with ten questions and progress bar. You can check how many you know about this country and learn something new about Lithuania. 

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